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~Fz Gѫ~
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(`._)[Ctt m](`._)
~Fz Gѫ~


emi.jpg USA!!egyptian was soo fun bein wit french sauv remember the fan wen it almost fell!!!lol..cuz of me...oh n ya PIPI TIME!!!! full contente ke jte connai emi....t une fille super finne pi TAIME FOW FOW FOW!!-x0x-


ben karine t super finne..mais sa fait longtemps ke ont ses pas vue but i love u!!!lol....**R.E.S.P.E.C.T**!!lol..ouin ben chu full contente that we know each other!!n i hope were still gonan b friends fow long..JE TAIME!!!-x0x-


cin..i LOVE YOU!!!sry sry sry sry!!!!im soo happy that i know u hope were still gonna b good friends even if we lost a lil contact!!!but i have fun bein wit u n im really happy i know u!!!JTAIME TRES TRES TRES TRES TRES TRES TRES FORT!!!-X0X-

cinz site

image017.jpg crisse de gougounne!!!!!lol!!N U WERE ALWAYS TAKIN MY PLACE IN THE BUS!!IM SOO GONNA KILL U ONE DAY!!!!lol..ben jtaime quand meme lol!!we have to c each other lol...n eat greasy fries..n fuckn nasty poutine chez laire bete!!lol!!oh n ur rope....fuck im like tarzan always crashing into the tree!!lol..ben lo jtaime bocoup!!!!!-x0x-


tania..t full finne..ur always smilin pi chu full contente que t venue a notre wit ur style with the clip in ur hair n the big dont worry were gonna go to la ronde TAIME TRES TRES TRES FOW!!!


karina!!!lol..ur soo kewl n funny...that was a triple..DUMBASS!!!lol...oh remember my unfaced the shotputs in gym fuckn heavy!!!lol!!well it was reallyl kewl bein wit u in my classes lol..hope well have more good times like that together!!LUV YA LOTZ-x0x-

je vous aime full!!!!-x0x-